Arianna Marin

Arianna Marin is an award-winning 15-year-old artist who first discovered her love for art in middle school. Since then, she has experimented with various mediums but finds that oil paint is her favorite. The act of painting itself provides Arianna with feelings of control and consistency, both of which she needs as a neurodivergent individual. She enjoys the compliments and conversation that often come along with showcasing her work, but what she loves most is being able to express herself through her paintings and convey more than words can. Arianna is inspired by Hampton Watts and Scott Christian Sava. Her favorite style is surrealism. She loves to paint portraits of people, and her work was recently showcased as a winner in the 15th Annual Middle Tennessee Regional Student Art Exhibition presented by the Tennessee Art Education Association at the Parthenon in Nashville.

See Arianna at TEDxTullahoma 2023!