Lauren Martin

Lauren Martin grew up never realizing that she had choices until she became a mother. But through wanting more for her children, she realized the same opportunities were available to her.  She now owns two businesses with her husband.

A local speaker, Chamber Ambassador, and board member for local districts’ tourism board. She has also served as an Executive Director for her local Downtown organization, held several positions in the financial world, and owned/operated a holistic healing/yoga studio. Lauren is a Yoga Instructor, Meditation Coach, Reiki Master, and Self Development Mentor.  But, her favorite life role & title is “Mom” to seventeen- and one-year-old daughters, Taylen and Rylin.

Becoming a mother was the turning point and the first step towards a life of purpose. Her daily mantra “One step in front of the other” reminds her that no matter what you must keep moving forward.

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